Monday, November 2, 2015

Lexington to Concord

In late September we went to see the grandchildren in Lexington, Massachusetts.

This is the Minuteman Statue on Lexington Common.
The "shot heard around the world" was fired on these grounds.
We had lots of time to explore the area while the family was at work and "school".
The weather was wonderful. Just a hint of fall in the air.

Buckman Tavern was a gathering place for militiamen preparing for the Revolutionary War.
The tavern is also known to have housed the first town post office and store.

The leaves were just beginning to turn in late September.

The is one of the monuments at the Old North Bridge in Concord.

The Old North Bridge
Concord, Massachusetts

April 19, 1775, after shots were fired in Lexington, the British moved on to Concord planning to find and take the weapons they had heard the militia was storing in the area.
Militia poured in from the surrounding area and drove the British back as they attempted to cross the bridge in pursuit of weapons.

An old cemetery in the town of Concord.
Now, the real reason for our trip to Lexington.
Papa and Nicholas reading a very interesting book about pumpkins.

Cora Jean, Jay and Karenna with Papa.

We spent one day at a local farm with the family.

The children enjoyed the sheep, goats, cows, and chickens
They also were excited to take a hayride.

We were lucky to be in town for the annual neighborhood block party.
Great food and fun for everyone.
Here the group was preparing for a group photo.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sand and Seafood

My husband and I made a short trip to Orange Beach, Alabama in late August.

We have stayed at the Island House Hotel before so we decided to go back.
All rooms face the water and have a small balcony.

The season was winding down.
We had a good laugh one morning having breakfast at Hardee's.
We looked around and there was no one in the restaurant under 60.
Traveling in the "off-season" and during the week really is fun now that we are both retired.

The view from Island House Hotel

My little beach friend

Nice sunset and great oysters!

My old standby for oysters at Gulf Shores, The Original Oyster House.

Moon over the ocean from our room.

Sunrise from our room

                                                      Fishing boats going out early in the morning.

Sunset from the beach

We took "the long way home" and stopped at Middendorf's Seafood just North of New Orleans
in Manchac, LA. My husband ordered the thin catfish (as recommended by a friend) and I had the fried oysters. We shared our plates and I can definitely recommend the thin catfish and the oysters.
They have the best catfish and oysters ever!
It was definitely worth the stop.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shiloh National Military Park

My husband and I drove to Shiloh in late August. Shiloh National Military Park is located in Tennessee and Mississippi. The famous Civil War battle took place April 6-7, 1862. The park visitor center has video presentation highlighting the two days in the spring of 1862.

The Shiloh National Cemetery is located on the bank of the Tennessee River near Pittsburg Landing where the Union Troops landed and prepared to meet the Confederates.

Tennessee River

We followed the park driving tour map to visit the monuments and markers in the park.
It is difficult to imagine what it was like in April 1862.
Today the park is a peaceful and beautiful landscape.

The Shiloh Meeting House, a Methodist church, gave the battle its name.

About fifteen turkeys crossed the road.

The squirrels were busy in the cemetery.

After our driving tour of the park we headed south to Corinth, Mississippi.
 The Civil War Interpretive Center in Corinth has several interactive displays related to the Corinth Contraband Camp and life in the town during war time.

I liked the monument above.
The stone rectangles represented famous Civil War battles.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Prairies, Mountains and Red Rocks

In June I traveled with a local group on a motorcoach tour to Colorado Springs. On the way we visited museums and enjoyed the scenery.

Old Cowtown Museum, Wichita, Kansas
Recreated western town complete with stagecoach rides.
A step back in time.


Prairie Museum of Art and History, Colby, Kansas
The museum houses numerous collections as well as historic buildings from the area.
Our group really enjoyed the Prairie Museum.
I would recommend stopping if you are in the area.

The Cooper Barn was moved 19 miles to the museum site.
Fascinating video of the move in the museum.

Dirt house

We had a full day guided tour of Colorado Springs.
The US Olympic Training Center
Colorado Springs


US Air Force Academy
Beautiful inside and out.
Do put this on your list to visit.

The Chapel at the US Air Force Academy

Pikes Peak in the background

Rocky Mountain High

Garden of the Gods

After spending the morning in Manitou Springs we stopped at the visitor center for Garden of the Gods. Fascinating movie about the creation of the red rocks with a time travel theme. After the movie we boarded the motorcoach and drove through the Garden.

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Gondolas, bridges, zip lines...
Time for everyone to be a kid again!

Smoky Hill Museum, Salina, Kansas

Until next time...