Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Beauty of Colmar and on to the Black Forest

There was so much to see and experience in Colmar. My previous post concentrated on the signs and food of Colmar. Here I will share with you the beauty of this sweet storybook village. Then we will take a look at the Black Forest.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi is the sculptor responsible for the Liberty Enlightening the World statue better known as the Statue of Liberty. 
The photo above is detail of the entry to the Musee Bartholdi in Colmar.

Statue by Bartholdi in the courtyard of the museum.

The architecture in Colmar is splendid.
A wonderful mix ofAlsatian homes and French and German Renaissance architecture greets you around every corner. The restored half-timbered houses take one back to another time.

Interesting mix of windows and shutters.

The canals of Colmar are alive with color from the pretty flower boxes.

Walking about Colmar is a treat for the senses.

Beauty on display around every corner.

Some of the store fronts were elaborately decorated with whimsical themes.

Bridge over the Lauch River in Colmar.
This area in Colmar is often referred to as "Little Venice".

Later we traveled by motor coach through the Black Forest.
Magnificent scenery of the countryside, forests and rolling hills. The curving roads provided lots of wow moments along the way. Unfortunately there were few opportunities from the motor coach to capture the beauty in photos.

We did make a stop at the world's largest cuckoo clock (above).
Here we were offered demonstrations making Black Forest Cake and cuckoo clocks as well as glass blowing.

This concluded our Rhine River cruise.
Perhaps I will share some photos from the ship next. 
I hope you will join me.


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Colmar - Signs and Treats

One of the highlights of our time in Alsace was the Medieval village of Colmar. The whimsical signs were helpful in times when a majority of the population was illiterate.

Most of the photos were taken while following a guide on a walking tour of Colmar.
I didn't have much time for planning or focus so I snapped them quickly so that I could keep up with the group.

It is wonderful that the locals appreciate the value of these pretty little pieces of yesterday. 

Swan soup?

From the back - pork sausage?

Wonderful old building in the background.
Love the shutters on the windows.

I have no idea what this sign is telling me but it really is cute!

Saint Martin is very important in the history of the region.

Me too!

We visited the Farmer's Market.

Shop windows along the streets.

The celebrated storks are featured in this sweet little mural.

Next post - more of Colmar.

💜and peace,Myra

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Alsatian Wine Tour

June 26, 2017
Following a morning in Strasbourg we spent the afternoon touring the Alsace wine country and sampling the wine.

Approaching Domaine Hering Winery in Barr, France

The Hering family has been in business since 1858.

Pretty little courtyard at the winery

Vineyards behind the home, cellar and winery

VERY old barrels

Detail on one of the old barrels

Our guide during tour of the cellar

Time to sample the product!

My favorite, a refreshing crisp Riesling.

The selections we tasted.
The Riesling KRUG was definitely my favorite.

The group photo!

Lovely view no matter where the eye landed.

Fun times experiencing the Alsatian wine country.

More of the Alsace area to come.

💜and peace,Myra

Monday, August 21, 2017

Strasbourg, France

June 26, 2017
Our morning began with a motor coach tour of Strasbourg with local guide, followed by a walking tour of this magnificent city.

The three covered bridges with their four towers were once part of 14th century ramparts of Old Strasbourg.

The Ill River branches into canals in Strasbourg.

The Gutenberg Statue
The square is near the cathedral, shopping and restaurants.

Our tour guide took us through the Tanner's district.

The old town was amazing with Renaissance architecture, cobblestone streets and pretty flowers.

Our first glimpse of the cathedral.

Cathedral Notre-Dame
This gothic cathedral was begun in 1176.

16th century astronomical clock

The Angels' Pillar

Rose Window 

Restaurants, bakeries and shops 

In the afternoon we explored the Alsace region, toured a winery and attended a wine tasting.

I hope you will join me!

💜and peace,Myra