Thursday, July 27, 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Cruising the Rhine 2017

Leaving Little Rock, Arkansas
"Let the Journey Begin"

My most recent journey was a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine. We flew to Amsterdam and boarded the Viking Kvasir. My husband and I cruised the Danube last year and were excited to take another river cruise.  The small ships offer personalized service and the convenience of only unpacking once.

After an overnight flight from Atlanta our party arrived in Amsterdam. 
We were escorted to our ship.

The Viking Kvasir docked in Amsterdam.

After a quick lunch on board we joined a walking tour of the city.

House barge along the canal.

Amsterdam is the Dutch capital. 
It is a bustling city with busy streets and sidewalks filled will cars, taxis, trains, and BICYCLES.
After more than 24 hours without sleep it was rather overwhelming and I was thankful for the tour guide who herded our group safely through the streets and back to our ship!

Protected by a canal, a quiet street revealing a good example of the architecture in the city.

Street scene along one of the canals.

Bicycles were parked everywhere.

Sunset from the ship.
The next morning we will be in Rotterdam.
Early to bed. 
I hope you will join me for the rest of the cruise.