Monday, October 17, 2016

Irish Whiskey and a Night at the Castle

Our final day in Ireland we drove to Tullamore where we learned about making whiskey. Then to end our time in this friendly, beautiful country we spent the night at Cabra Castle.

Typical building in Limerick.
Just across the street from The George Hotel.

Tullamore Whiskey
We enjoyed a tour and lunch here.

Grinding stone

Our tour guide was very informative.
I confess I don't remember the details!
I thought this copper kettle was pretty.

This sign made me laugh.
I love the way the Irish phrase things.

Sampling the "Dew"
I thought it was very "smooth".
I apologize for the blurry photo.

Lunch at the distillery. 
Such a pretty plate.

Cabra Castle
near Kingscourt

After a long day on the motor coach we enjoyed drinks on the patio and a laugh or two.
Then we were treated to a wonderful dinner in the castle.

Petting the castle dogs.
The castle dog is named Oscar.
Oscar is an Irish wolfhound.
They had just recently gotten another wolfhound.

Our room was in the Gamekeepers House.
The castle is rumored to be haunted but no one in our group reported seeing the ghost.

Very nice and spacious.

Exploring the castle

The castle was huge with several levels and it was easy to lose your way. 

Oscar's portrait hanging in the stairwell with the light at the bottom of the picture.
Should you lose your way in the castle, just find Oscar and he will point the way.

One of the staircases

Artwork of all kinds throughout the castle.

There were several dining areas. 
I loved the mismatched china and Staffordshire dogs on the wall in this room.

After after waking up in the castle (much too early I might note) we were off to the airport in Dublin for our flight home.

Arriving in Memphis after a stop in Atlanta.

Great trip, great group, wonderful memories.
Thanks for coming along with me.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and Galway

Another beautiful day in Ireland and we are off for the Cliffs of Moher.

We arrived early at the Cliffs of Moher.
We were able to walk about and enjoy the area and visitor center before the crowds arrived.

It was very windy so near the coast.
Another fun day touring on the motor coach.

The views were spectacular.

The 700 foot high Cliffs are home to several species of birds.

Looking out on the beautiful Atlantic.

Next we were off to an area called the Burren.

Limestone covers this area of coastline. 

The rugged desolate landscape is a beautiful place to explore.

Wild flowers tucked in the crevices.

Stone fences were everywhere.

Rock climbers were enjoying this cliff.

My view from the motor coach.

Our tour guide, Dave, is on the left and you can see our driver, Kasbar,  in the rear view mirror.

We made a lunch stop in Galway and then returned to Limerick for the night.

One more day in Ireland. I hope you will join me drinking Irish Whiskey in Tullamore and checking in for a night at Cabra Castle. Yes, we spent the night in a real Irish castle.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Fun Day In and Around Limerick

After a scenic ride down country roads, we were treated to tea and scones at Molanna Dairy Farm.

Molanna Dairy Farm

Our host shared stories of his family and the farm they have called home for generations.

Tea and Scones

Dairy farm tour

Freshly mown hay

Following the dairy farm tea and tour we boarded the motor coach for    
our lunch stop in Adare.

In Adare we enjoyed lunch and a walk about town.

Adare still has several buildings with thatched roofs.

Old church in Adare

Castle ruins are everywhere in Ireland

Here we are in Limerick.
St. John's Castle 

St. John's Castle is on the River Shannon 

Treaty Stone
Treaty was signed in 1691 granting rights to Irish Catholics
regarding political and religious liberty.
Limerick is known as the "city of the violated treaty."

Crossing the River Shannon on the motor coach 

We attended a medieval banquet at Knappogue Castle for dinner.

Dinner being served at Knappogue Castle

Following dinner we were entertained by our "hosts".

The George Hotel

Next destination, The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren.