Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adventures in Azerbaijan - Chapter Two

We took a day trip to Gobustan Historical and Architectural Reserve.

Do Not Enter, Stay Back, Falling Rocks?

From the reserve the Caspian Sea is visible in the distance.

Our guide pointed out petroglyphs dating back to 10,000 BC.
Do you see the animals?

More Drawings

Line Dancing?

We also visited the Gobustan Museum

On the drive to the Gobustan Reserve we passed oil platforms and numerous businesses having to do with the oil industry.

It was difficult to get a good photo of the oil fields from the bus.
This was a frequent site all around Baku.

We toured a carpet factory.
The showroom was filled with beautiful carpets.

All natural dye is used for the wool and silk.

Beautiful Colors


The rugs take months to complete.

This was the final course of a wonderful lunch at the Mugham Club.

Street Cat

My ticket for Eurovision Song Contest
This event began in 1956.
Celine Dion represented Switzerland and won in 1988.
ABBA won in 1974.

This is Crystal Hall built for Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
The winning country hosts the event the following year.

There were 26 finalists.
The show began at midnight because of the live television broadcast schedule around Europe.
I was surprised how many of the songs were in English.
It was very entertaining.

There were hundreds of these purple Eurovision taxis in Baku.
I think they bought them just for the event.

Dinner at "Villa Petrolea" (1884)
The home is now a museum.

Jim at "Villa Petrolea" the Nobel Home in Baku.
The Nobels were instrumental in the oil industry in Azerbaijan.

Following dinner we went to the opera.

Opera House Baku

We attended a performance of the ballet "1001 Nights".

Following the ballet we went to a restaurant on the 20th floor for cocktails.
It was May 28, Republic Day, celebrating independence from the Soviet Union in 1918.
It was also Memorial Day in the US so we celebrated that as well.
There was a beautiful fireworks display in the area on the water in the photograph above.
I regret I didn't take fireworks photographs. The outside balcony was so narrow and crowded I didn't go back outside. The restaurant wall of windows offered a sufficient view.

There were so many late nights and early mornings during our stay in Baku.
I never really recovered from my jet lag.
Several mornings I caught the sunrise from our balcony.
It was a wonderful place to wake up in the morning.

My thanks to the hosts for making this memorable trip possible.
Azerbaijan - Land of Fire

♥andPeace, Myra

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