Thursday, July 26, 2012

Annapolis, Maryland 2010

While scanning through old photographs on Picassa this morning I decided to share my visit to Annapolis in 2010. Annapolis is a good getaway where the pace is slow, the food delicious (well, I never did figure out what to do with those soft shell crabs), and the surroundings a visual delight!

We stayed at The Maryland Inn

The dome of the Maryland State Capitol Building is visible throughout the city.

The Maryland Inn is one of three "Historic Inns of Maryland"
Positive - It is well located on the main "tourist" street and within walking distance to most of the attractions in the city.
Negative - The room was about the size of my master closet and the window air conditioner was definitely having issues!

The Robert Johnson House
Another of the "Historic Inns of Maryland"

The Governor Calvert House
The third of the Historic Inns.

I had plenty of time to explore the city while my husband attended meetings.

The Maryland State Capitol Building

House Chambers

Beautiful old homes create a step back in time.

The Naval Academy is located in the city on the waterfront.
Take a walk around.
Waterfront views from the Naval Academy are the best in the city. 

I took this photo from the Naval Academy.
It was late in the afternoon and the sailboats were returning.

I think this one was taken from Pusser's Restaurant

 Speaking of Pusser's Restaurant, we had dinner here a couple of nights.
Can't beat the location late in the afternoon.

Ate lunch at Middleton Tavern (Est. 1750).

Had the best fish and chips ever at the Cafe' Normandie.
(restaurant with the big pots in front)

Nice shops and restaurants up and down the street.
There was usually a bench available to rest and enjoy an ice cream and people watch for awhile.
Yep, there is the State House dome again.

Alex Haley Memorial
"Telling the Story"

Annapolis is a short drive from Washington, DC.
If you are in the area and haven't been to Annapolis I recommend a visit to this historic, beautiful and welcoming city.

♥andPeace, Myra

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