Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Greenbrier (and baseball)

On day two of the 66th Annual Southern Legislative Conference I spent the day at the Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV.  We stayed at the Greenbrier several years ago while attending a Council of State Governments meeting. The Greenbrier has a new owner following hard times. I wanted to check out the "restoration".

The grounds are immaculate.

The carpets and fabric are fresh and true to the Dorothy Draper design.
Ms. Draper's protege, Carlton Varney, keeps her style alive at the Greenbrier.

There are comfortable rooms throughout the main floor to sit and pass the time with a friend or a good book.

Tea is served daily in this room.

The top of the double staircase.

To the left is a matching staircase.

We enjoyed a lunch buffet in the formal dining room.

Look at the shine on those floors!

The indoor pool.
There is also an infinity pool on the grounds.
Lighting at the Greenbrier is spectacular to say the least.
The above chandelier is located in the formal dining room.
Cute and quaint - the room tour guide told us this fixture will soon be replaced by the new owner.
If I have the opportunity to return to the Greenbrier I'll be sure to check out the replacement.

I really like the opaque pink glass in this one.

We were given a tour of "Project Greek Island" - The Bunker.
The Bunker was the top secret US Government Relocation Facility during the Cold War.
It was planned by the Eisenhower Administration and built between 1958 and 1961.
 In May of 1992 the Washington Post published a story ending the secrecy and the facility began the phase-out period.
I had hoped to photograph the facility, however, all cell phones and cameras were confiscated prior to the tour. No photography is allowed in the bunker.

After a quick nap on the long bus ride back to Charleston we were off to a baseball game.
The West Virginia Power vs the Hagerstown Suns.
We enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers at the game. Following a short rain delay the game began.

After a long day of meetings, Senator Luker enjoys a relaxing evening at the baseball game.

While taking shelter from the thunderstorm we posed in front of the Men's Room.
(We didn't actually pose here - we were just standing here when Jim took the photo.)

Play Ball!

And so ends day two of the 66th Annual SLC, Charleston, West Virginia.


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