Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farm Visit

A couple of weeks ago Stan was home for a visit.
 He suggested a visit to the family farm.
We stopped to pick up Mother and were off to the country.

This corn field is adjacent to my mother's farm.
Corn is a relatively new crop in our area.
We don't grow corn on our farm.
 It is obviously not meant for human consumption.
I guess it is for livestock feed or bio-fuel or something.

I think the fields are beautiful and took the opportunity to wander about with my camera.
Do you remember "Children of the Corn"?

No, I wouldn't want to eat this!

This was the week before the remnants of Hurricane Isaac made it up our way.

Mom was the chauffeur for the excursion.
Maybe we could get her a job with the Ag Tourism industry.
The soybean crop looks good.
Mom has a new renter this year.
Most years rice is grown in this field.

My father bought and cleared this piece of property when I was young.
I can remember the logging and years of stump removal.
It is now precision leveled with several wells.


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