Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Summer Project

One morning in March my very old washing machine decided to malfunction. By the time I noticed that the water had not shut off, after filling the tank, most of the floors in my house were flooded.

We called the insurance company. They sent out one of those fire and flood companies. They began ripping up the carpet and tearing out baseboards in the great room, master bathroom and master bedroom. The laminate in the dining room was also ruined.
We had eight of these huge noisy fans and a giant humidifier that ran nonstop for three days. A couple in the MB ran for five days.
We attempted to find someone local to do the work. After a couple of weeks we gave up and went with the flooring company the insurance company suggested. I don't like carpet so I decided now was the time to change over to tile.

We lived like this for weeks before the work even started. Here you can see where we had tile, carpet and laminate all running together, chopping up the spaces.

The laminate in the dining room and foyer was glued down and had to be removed with a hammer and crowbar. This took days to clear.

The contractor told me the tile could be laid in about four days. After twelve days we called the contractor and told him NOT to send the workers back. The work was sloppy. Tempers were getting really bad. I was a nervous wreck! 
We left on a trip that had been scheduled earlier. The contractor had assured me that the work would be done before that date.
When we returned from our trip the contractor sent a new worker to finish up the tile and baseboards. The painter finished his work in just one day. FINALLY the work was done. The entire house was filthy and had to be cleaned.
I like the wood look with the easy care of tile.
It transitions well with the kitchen tile.
The work could have gone better but it is finally over. All the carpet is gone except in the two bedrooms where there was no damage. I think the added expense was definitely worth it.

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