Monday, November 19, 2012

Welcome to My Guest Room

I love pinning ideas on my Pinterest boards. Recently I showed Jim the design for a headboard that I thought he would enjoy building. He hardly acknowledged the photo and went back to his football game. Well lo and behold, last Saturday he called asking me to text the materials list to him at the lumbar yard.  By nightfall it was all cut out and partially constructed. Jim made a few adjustments to the original plans. For example he opted for tongue-in-groove planks. Here is the link for the plans for the headboard.

I think the sawing is his favorite part.
Sunday afternoon he finished putting it together.
At this point I had to question him about the measurements.
He whipped out his tape measure and sure enough it seemed to be correct.
Now it was time for me to work my magic with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.
I really like Versailles. It has a greenish tint but is still neutral.
Saturday Jim attached the headboard to the bed frame and I applied two coats of chalk paint. It dries quickly so I didn't have to wait long between coats. Sunday afternoon I applied the wax. First I used clear wax and then just a touch of dark wax.

I have been looking for a headboard for the guest room for a long time.
I never could find just what a wanted. I think this will work perfectly in this room.
Several weeks ago I used the Versailles Chalk Paint on a quilt rack my mother-in-law hired a woodworker to make for me out of some old walnut wood that Jim's father had collected.
 I decided to try my new chalk paint color on the quilt rack with the dark wax.
I really like the texture accentuated by the dark wax.
Mission accomplished.
Welcome to my guest room.


  1. Nice joint effort! Can't wait to stay in the guest room again :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Wish you were here now. Will miss you Turkey Day.

  2. I see why you love Versailles! HOWEVER, that was not an option! LOL! Are you trying to push me over the edge with the decision making process?!