Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Past

Frankly I am suffering from a bit of Christmas blog overload. I know there are other things going on in the lives of my favorite bloggers besides Christmas decorating. That said I was prompted to peruse my computer albums for Christmas travel photographs. Here are a few I enjoyed seeing again and I hope you enjoy them too. They were taken while visiting Wilmington, DE in 2005.

The two photographs above were taken at Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
 Longwood was the private estate of Pierre S. Du Pont.
I visited the Brandywine River Museum.
 The museum is in Chadd's Ford, PA in an old gristmill building.
The museum houses a wonderful collection of art by the Wyeth family artists.
I took a day trip from Wilmington to a historic old town in Pennsylvania for the Christmas city tour. I cannot remember the name of the town but it was like stepping back in time. I loved this sweet little out-building adorned with simple natural decoration.
The homes were decked out in period style.
Another day I visited Winterthur.
Winterthur was the home of  the Henry Francis du Pont family.
A less formal table setting at Winterthur
I would love to be a guest at this fanciful table!
This tree was decorated entirely with flowers
There was a Christmas tree in nearly every room in the home.
Winterthur 2005

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  1. what a gorgeous area. i love the huge wreath on the mill. thanks for sharing.