Sunday, June 30, 2013

Riding the Train, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

When is the last time you rode on a train? The train in Eureka Springs takes you back in time and gives a glimpse of the rugged landscape of the Arkansas Ozarks.

Ready to go. Tickets in hand.

Checking out the old engines on display near the station.

All aboard. Let's get this thing moving.

Patiently waiting.

Finally moving and the conductor is collecting the tickets.

The train makes a stop.

The conductor gave the children nails for the train to run over on the tracks.
They looked like little swords after they were flattened.

The people on the train are in the dining car.
A meal on the train is another option.

The scenery was enjoyable.


Stan snapped this photo of gathering clouds nearby.
I had handed him my camera and asked him to take my photo by the train.
I'm never in the pictures because I'm always behind the camera.
I guess he didn't hear me because he walked off in this direction and snapped this photo. Love the light. Good photo.
We almost got caught in a thunderstorm.

Fun morning with family.
♥andPeace, Myra

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