Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fifty Shades of White

When we bought out home three years ago the paint was in fairly good condition and neutral enough to live with for the time being. The only room I painted was a bedroom, done in fluorescent lavender,  that evidently had belonged to a young girl. The master bedroom and bath paint was a beige tinged green that I never could learn to love. I began to notice all the bedrooms I really liked on Pinterest and in magazines were painted white.

White? I love color.
 When my painter arrived she was shocked at my paint choice.
She had been in my former home with the "honeysuckle" bath.
My son's friends referred to our last home as "Rainbow House".

Though the change seems subtle in the photographs above, the room is much lighter and brighter now.

The woodwork throughout the house is Water Chestnut.
I had to find a "white" that would work with the woodwork and ceilings.
I eliminated the whites with tones of pink, blue, grey, etc.
Finally, Benjamin Moore's Linen White was just what I was looking for.
It allowed the woodwork and ceiling to stand out. 

All the different shades of white working together.
The master bath is so much fresher now.
Love Benjamin Moore's Linen White!

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