Thursday, August 11, 2016

Into the Wild - Canadian Fishing Trip 2016

To escape the hot Arkansas weather for a few days we decided to drive to Vermilion Bay, Ontario. My husband wanted to do a little fishing and I definitely needed a change of scenery.

We took a float plane to Big Canon Lake Lodge for the "4 day plan".

Checking out Wilderness Air the day before our flight.

Rapids on the Wabigoon River.
We drove around the Vermilion Bay area.

Northstar Lodge is operated by the same family as Big Canon Lake Lodge.
It is accessible by road.

The dock at Northstar.

Our early morning flight to Big Canon.
We were the only passengers so Jim rode up front with the pilot.

No flight attendants but I did review the safety information. 

Scenic flight and off for some fishing.
(Actually I don't fish. I did go along a couple of days.)

The big bass.
Spent the day fishing the river just over the hill from the lake.

We saw several eagles.
There is an eagle nest in the center of this photo.


Our guide, Jeff, preparing a "bank lunch".
Fried potatoes, baked beans and fresh caught fish.

It doesn't get any fresher than this.

Another fun catch.
Northern Pike

Big Canon Lake Lodge

My favorite lure.
Unfortunately it is currently at the bottom of the lake. 

Fishing the banks of Big Canon Lake

Flight out of "the wilderness"
Yep, Jim is up front again.

Nice views from the plane.

Arriving at Wilderness Air 

Big Canon Lake Lodge - Into the Wilderness.


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