Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Windy Day in Pisa

Our day in Pisa was windy and chilly. Pisa was definitely the most touristy destination on our Tuscany trip.  It recently made a list of ten travel destinations to avoid.

I am glad I visited Pisa. There is just something about being there that can't be captured by even the most accomplished photographer. As it was early in the season it wasn't too crowded.

Yes, we took the "holding up the tower" photos.
I'll keep them for my "personal" album.

Detail Cathedral Door

Carved Column Center Door of Cathedral (see below)

Pisa Cathedral

Pisa Baptistery 

Detail Tower

Piazza dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles)

Fallen Angel statue by the Polish artist Igor Mitoraj.

We had new iPhones and used them for most of our photos.
Unfamiliar with all the new features created problems with our photos.
I don't like the "live" setting and wasn't aware that it was on.
We also kept changing the settings accidentally and ended up with lots of unintended videos and such. I wish I had used my camera more especially here at Pisa.

I'm also working with a new computer with an unfamiliar photo program.
I am not able to find the edited photos so I'm having to basically go with the originals.
I really like playing with the editing. 

Next a rainy day Cinque Terre.


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