Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lucca, the Devil's Bridge and the Gothic Line

Walking through the gate in the Renaissance wall of Lucca, we were greeted by drummers in costume.  This was a festival day in Lucca with reenactments and traditional music.

Ancient history on display.

Waiting outside the wall.

A view from inside the wall.

The architecture is varied and very detailed.

Street scene

San Michele in Foro

Statue of opera composer Giacomo Puccini

Puccini's piano in the museum.

Roof view from Puccini (home) museum.

Narrow streets with wonderful views around every turn.

Guinigi Tower in background with oak trees on top.

Lucca Cathedral

The Last Supper by Tintoretto

Interior of Lucca Cathedral

Great contrast of old and new.

From Lucca we made a brief stop at the Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge)

Propaganda posters from WWII at the Museum of Liberation.

After a guided tour of the museum we visited a bunker.

Poppys blooming near the bunker.

Lucca was one of my favorite stops in Tuscany. 
I do hope I have the little bit of information posted here is correct. There are so many churches, museums, etc. that I have to hope my notes and research are correct!

Next stop another walled city, Siena.

­čĺčPeace, Myra

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