Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Name Your Blog

Step 2: Name your blog. What? Okay time for reflection. I have decided to blog and now I must select a name for the blog. So what exactly is my purpose for blogging? I like to share my experiences, my personal journey to this point in my life.

 After creating the blog last night I spent time thinking about what I really want to do here. My life has been one incredible "journey" from growing up in the country on a small family farm. My childhood was much like a Norman Rockwell portrait. I spent my time wandering in the woods, fishing with my grandmother in one of the stock ponds and riding on the tractor with my father. My grandfather said my middle name was "Go". I would always jump in the truck with him. I didn't care where he was going, I just liked going. Always have, always will. My family did not travel. My dad said he spent too much time traveling during the war and he was just happy to be home. Other than the annual July vacation with my aunt, uncle and cousin to Panama City, FL my travel was limited to trips to the library while my mother grocery shopped across the street on Saturday. Through reading I went places I had never imagined.

Life is a journey! I'm ready. Let's go.

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