Monday, January 9, 2012

washington, dc

I returned yesterday from a brief visit to Washington, DC. My son (Stan) was vacationing there during his grad school break and offered to show me around "his" DC.

My husband and I rode the Metro from our hotel in Crystal City and met our son and a special young lady for dinner at Dukem. This was my first experience with Ethiopian dining. The food was delicious. I loved the spices. My husband commented later that he would have probably eaten more if he could have located a fork!

On Friday afternoon I took the Metro to Chinatown and met Stan for lunch. We grabbed a sandwich at Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

After lunch we walked from Chinatown to The Mall. We visited the Sculpture Garden where I found a new sculpture that had been added since my last visit, this awesome silver tree.

As a medical transcriptionist in the "old days" before computers, I actually used typewriter erasers like this one.

We walked around The Mall on the way to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. I'm glad Stan suggested spending the afternoon at the museum. It is a very worthy memorial for such a dark time in history.

                                       Jim and I attended a reception in the Botanical Garden.

On Saturday afternoon I took the Metro to Georgetown for another afternoon with Stan. I'll post a Georgetown entry next. ♥Myra

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