Monday, January 9, 2012


During a recent trip to DC I spent the afternoon with son Stan in Georgetown. I met him at the Metro station and we walked through the shopping/restaurant area. The shops and restaurants are very trendy. The sidewalks were crowded with folks enjoying the beautiful warm weather, stopping occasionally for a tasty treat, or ducking into one of the shops along the way.

Stan with his Pinkberry Yogurt standing outside DC Cupcakes. There was a line all the way down the block waiting to purchase a cupcake. I'm glad we opted for the yogurt. BTW the Pinkberry Yogurt is the best I've ever had. Besides the usual dry toppings they had lots of fresh fruit toppings. I had the blood orange yogurt with kiwi, strawberry and mango toppings. Yum!

After shopping we made our way down to the waterfront.

The combination of the setting sun and the cloud formation over the river was spectacular.

A view of the Kennedy Center reflecting the sunset.

The Watergate Hotel and some of the famous row houses in Georgetown.

I just have to add this photo. It reminds me of an album cover from the 1970's.

Until next time, happy trails to you. ♥ Myra

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