Sunday, February 19, 2012

88th General Assembly Fiscal Session Convenes, Weather Threat and Oysters

Stan came for a visit last weekend.

We all headed to Little Rock Sunday afternoon. The 88th General Assembly Fiscal Session was scheduled to convene Monday. Sunday night Jim and I had dinner at the Flying Fish with a friend.

Flying Fish Oysters. In my opinion, the best fried oysters in Little Rock.
Mexican Cocktail - What is not to like.
This thing is loaded with shrimp and packed with flavor.
The forecast for Monday predicted the possibility of snow, sleet and freezing rain. This was the view from our apartment window Monday morning. Fortunately by the afternoon the temperatures were above freezing and the precipitation had turned to rain.
The ceiling of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The Opening of the 88th General Assembly Fiscal Session. Joint Session prior to being addressed by Governor Mike Beebe. (House Chamber)

Monday night we had dinner at Cajun's Wharf with other Senators and guests. Stan joined us for dinner.  The weather was cold and wet. The food and fellowship were worth the effort.

Tuesday morning I spent at the Capitol and had lunch with Jim. The Raindrop Turkish House representatives were serving baklava and tea at the Capitol so I stopped by to visit. Jim and I were privileged to travel to Turkey last June with a group sponsored by the Turquoise Council of Americans and Eurasians. The baklava brought back good memories of their hospitality. After lunch I took a quick shopping trip. I purchased several pieces of fabric for a new project.

Representatives with the Raindrop Turkish House in Little Rock serving baklava and tea at the Capitol.
We attended two receptions Tuesday evening. The first was at the Clinton School of Public Service honoring legislators for legislation that helped with after school and summer programs for at risk youth.

The second reception was sponsored by Clark County. 

For dinner we joined a group at The Oyster Bar. This was my second dinner of fried oysters this week.  I couldn't help myself. I love oysters.

Wednesday morning I took care of some housekeeping chores at the apartment and ate lunch with Jim. I decided to return home after lunch. The trip wasn't too bad despite another afternoon of pouring rain.

The Drive Home

Mom joined me for lunch at Mike's Thursday. We both had the catfish special and the coconut pie.

Knights of Columbus Annual Oyster Supper
Friday night: This photo only shows half of the room. All tickets are sold in advance. This was my third night this week to have fried oysters. The plate also has catfish, fried shrimp and peel 'em and eat 'em shrimp.

Katie Brown's Italian Chicken - Love to cook when I am home on the weekend. Jim decided to work in his garden. We still have turnip/mustard greens and turnips.

I am looking forward to what the next week will bring.
 Until then have a great week    -----     ♥ and Peace. Myra

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