Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Trip, Chores, Cooking and Did I Mention Pinterest?

After a quiet weekend at home I accompanied Jim to Little Rock Monday afternoon. We met our son Stan for dinner and decided on The Faded Rose. We enjoyed the salad and bread. Stan ordered the fried oysters and wild rice. Jim had one of his favorites, steamed frog legs and baked potato. I decided to try the crawfish etouffee. The food was delicious as always and we enjoyed our visit. I can't believe I forgot to photograph the etouffee. It was beautiful as well as yummy!

The Back of the Capitol

The reason for the trip was a committee meeting Tuesday morning. I decided to attend the meeting.

Taking Care of the People's Business

We had a very nice lunch at The Little Rock Club. The views are really spectacular, even on a dreary Arkansas winter day.

The View to the West

Looking Northeast

After lunch we headed home. I decided to drive and let Jim take care of business on the phone, nap and read the newspaper. We usually travel in the Chrysler Concorde. My mother-in-law gave me this car when her husband died and it had about 20,000 miles at the time. I put about 65,000 miles on it and Jim decided to keep it when I got a new vehicle in 2008. He doesn't want to buy a new car until his term is completed at the end of the year. Not bad for a "free" vehicle.

Mileage on the Chrysler Leaving Little Rock

There is a really pretty swampy area on the drive home. I have always wanted to photograph it but I am always in a hurry coming and going. It was a cloudy day and almost dark but I decided to stop and see what I could get. When there is light on the water late in the day it is really pretty. Perhaps I'll find time to photograph it again on a better day in another season.  Jim was not impressed.

The Drive Home

With a list of chores for Wednesday, about to walk out the door,  the secretary calls to tell me she has been to the doctor, is waiting for her prescription to be filled and that Jim has left for Little Rock. There were a few things I had to take care of. Mission accomplished I grabbed the fish combo at McDonald's and headed for the office.

Did I mention I got my invitation for Pinterest? Well yeah. There goes the rest of my time. Where do I sign up for Pinterest Anonymous?

We were planning to attend a Chamber of Commerce annual dinner tonight in one of the cities in the district. The dinner plans didn't work out so Jim decided to go on to Little Rock. (3rd trip this week.) He has another meeting there tomorrow. Well yeah - free time for me! I decided to run to the grocery store and do some cooking that I can serve later.

Spicy Vegetable Soup


Cranberry Orange Salad

Marinade for Asian Tenderloin

With the addition of corn bread and vegetables/green salad I should be ready for the weekend without too much time in the kitchen. Oh, I'll have more time to work on my Pinterest boards!

Peace♥ Myra

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