Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sewing, Cooking (Eating), & Celebrating Community

Recently I visited a photographer's blog that captured her week in photographs. I liked the idea and decided to try it this week.

For several years I have needed casual napkins to use during the holidays. I never really found what I wanted for a reasonable price so I decided to make my own. With five yards of half price fabric (about $12 including thread) I now have sixteen napkins that should take care of the holidays plus other occasions. It was a fun easy project. I think there will be more napkins in my future!

Holiday Napkins

With dreary Arkansas winter weather comes the need for comfort food. I created one of my favorites this week, macaroni and tomatoes. I decided to add a can of Rotel to the regular tomatoes with good results. Jim was at the weekly Rotary Club meeting but Mother joined me for lunch.

Macaroni and Tomatoes

Thursday I had a taste for Southern fried catfish so Mother and I went to Mike's Restaurant in Colt for lunch. Jim was attending budget meetings in Little Rock. Mom decided on a barbecue sandwich and salad so that she could "have room" for homemade pie.  She ended up getting the pie to go.

Mike's Catfish

We had several days of rain this week. One afternoon on the way home from the office the clouds were clearing and the sun came rushing through. The rain was still falling.

After the Storm

Looking Out My Front Door

Thursday night was the 7th Annual Crossroads Coalition dinner. Crossroads Coalition"Cultivating Economic and Community Development in Eastern Arkansas". The coalition works with nine Eastern Arkansas counties to "promote broad-based development in Eastern Arkansas through education and workforce training, community, leadership and economic development". General Wesley K. Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, was the Keynote Speaker. The dinner was well attended with regional awards for Vision, Servant Leadership, Community Advancement, Education Innovation and Regional Business Pacesetter.

General Wesley Clark

7th Annual Crossroads Coalition Dinner

Looking back this was a fairly routine week for me. Although I didn't find something to photograph every day and nothing really spectacular occurred I had fun reflecting on and documenting the week.  After all, every day is part of the JOURNEY.              Peace and ♥.


  1. What a fun week! I am especially jealous that you got to hear General Clark speak. -Adrianna

    1. It was an honor to have General Clark in Cross County. He is such a positive speaker.