Friday, March 16, 2012

Doe's and the Brinkley Chamber of Commerce Banquet

I accompanied Jim to Little Rock last Thursday evening. It was one of those miserable trips in the pouring rain. Stan joined us for a quick supper at Pei Wei followed by yogurt at Yogurt Mountain.

Friday at noon was the sine die adjournment for the 88th General Assembly Fiscal Session.
The View From Senator Luker's Desk

 Jim wanted a cheeseburger for lunch so we decided to head over to Doe's for lunch.

Following Lunch at Doe's
The Front Room at Doe's

Wall at Doe's Eat Place

On the way home we stopped in Brinkley for the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet. With seven counties in Jim's Senate district we have attended our share of Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau banquets over the years. We have met some very interesting people. Each community has something special that sets it apart from the others. You may remember that several years ago the formerly extinct ivory billed woodpecker was sighted near Brinkley. It hasn't been seen since and the hoopla has died down.

I spotted this cute art studio on the way to the Brinkley Convention Center.
Art Studio in Brinkley, AR

Miss Arkansas, Kristin Glover was the banquet speaker.

Miss Arkansas, Kristin Glover
Senator Luker Visiting With His Constitients

The Banquet Meal

Miss Arkansas Gave a Very Entertaining Speech
Signing Autographs

The Brinkley Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year
Mr. Gene DePriest

♥ and Peace, Myra

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