Monday, March 5, 2012

Rag Lap Quilt

My latest addiction is Pinterest. After selecting categories of interest I have been (happily) bombarded with information and instructions on how to cook or make almost anything!

My first major project was a rag lap quilt. I saw a photo of a quilt I thought was so pretty so I clicked on the instructions and decided that I could make one. First let me say I cannot sew a straight seam or cut a straight line even with the aid of a rotary cutter and quilting ruler. Perhaps with practice I will improve my skills.

I had several yards of fabric on hand and decided it would make a nice quilt.

Cutting the Squares

The next step is to make a sandwich with two squares of fabric with filler in between. Then you "quilt" the square.
Sewing the Squares Together "Quilting"
After all of the squares are quilted it is time to lay out the squares in the pattern desired. The squares are then pinned together with the raw edges exposed and sewn into strips.

Organizing the Squares
The strips are sewn together with the raw edges exposed. After all the strips are sewn together a seam is then sewn around the border of the quilt. With spring scissors small cuts are made along all the strips and the border. This allows the quilt to fray when washed and dried. Hence the name "rag quilt".

The Finished Quilt

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