Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Add a Little Color

During the holidays a friend shared with me a simple sewing project with purpose. She volunteers at a "soup kitchen" that provides several meals each week for the homeless and hungry in the community. At Christmas they distributed pillowcases they had made with the holiday meal.  Here is the link for the site she uses for patterns, http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/millionpillowcases. There is information about the project including where to donate your pillowcases. There is even a how to video for the "roll it up" pattern.  If there is a need in your community perhaps you could start a mission of your own.

While shopping for fabric last week I noticed an older lady with several bolts of fabric in her shopping cart. She was matching patterns as she shopped. I inquired and sure enough she was making pillowcases for children with cancer. She was having such a good time selecting the fun children's patterns for her project.

If you are not inclined to donate your handiwork it is still a fun, simple project to add a little color to your home. I heard of a grandmother who gives her grandchildren a new  pillowcase when they come for a visit that they can take home with them when they leave. I think they make nice hostess gifts.

I am still practicing my sewing skills. I started out with some scraps I already had.

Fabric From My Scrap Box
Then I moved on to the fun part - fabric selection. I bought a couple of combinations at the local fabric store, Fabrics 'N More. I can spend hours checking out the new patterns. I selected a couple of combinations that I thought would work in my bedroom.

The New Fabric Cut and Ready to Assemble
Now For the Fun Part
Almost Finished

A Little Bit of Color for My White Summer Bed
The Second Option
Ready for the Cutting Table
On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby I enjoyed selecting new fabric for more pillowcases. I spent several hours in the fabric department visiting with other shoppers. There were young mothers with their children as well as older women all on a mission to find just the perfect fabric to create something useful and pretty. The fabric department employees were friendly and efficient and joined in the camaraderie.

♥and Peace, Myra

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