Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ravello and Sorrento (Italy Chapter 2)

One of the many shops in Ravello. This one featuring Italian ceramics.
Ravello offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the cultivated terraces on the hillsides. The Villa Rufolo is located here with it's beautiful architecture and garden.

I enjoyed lunch in the restaurant behind me. You can see some of the terraces on the hillside.

The Villa Rufolo

One of the Views From Ravello

The drive along the Amalfi Coast road offered postcard views at every turn.

The Italians are very proud and protective of their fruit. Our tour guide was informed us that the produce was not to be touched. If you wished to purchase something the shopkeeper would be glad to help with your inspection.

We visited a  wood inlay shop in Sorrento. Then we were free to walk about town and enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants.

I shot this photograph from a bridge in Sorrento. Such a sweet old building.

Yes, that is the road around the turn. We spent several days on this road. At one point we had to leave our large tour bus and ride on two smaller buses because the big one couldn't make the turns. At many of the turns the driver would simply honk his horn and hope that approaching traffic would hear the horn and slow or yield for the turn.

Join me for Chapter 3 of Italy vacation.

♥and Peace, Myra

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