Friday, June 15, 2012

Turkey 2011 Chapter 2 Bursa & Izmir

Following our exciting and busy stay in Istanbul we caught the ferry to Mudanya the port a short distance from Bursa. The ferries are huge, modern, clean and comfortable in Turkey. On arrival in Mudanya a bus was waiting to take us to Bursa.

Bursa was very different than Istanbul. It is the fourth largest city in Turkey. The city is spread over a beautiful valley and has a much more modern feel. There is skiing in the mountains and natural beauty everywhere you look.

This is the Grand Mosque in Bursa (1402 AD).

Outside the Grand Mosque

The Silk Grand Bazaar, Bursa
This was my favorite shopping experience in Turkey. The shopkeepers would give you a good price. Silk and textiles were the specialties here but they also had ceramics and other Turkish products for sell.

The Silk Grand Bazaar - There were shops on both levels with a shady courtyard in the middle of the square. The courtyard was a good place to relax and enjoy tea after shopping.

The Green Tomb (1421)

There were mosques and tombs and historical places scattered about the city.

On the lower slopes of Uludag we visited the 600 year old tree. There is a restaurant in the shade of the branches.

Irgandi Bridge (1444)

From Bursa we took the bus to Izmir.

The bus service in Turkey is amazing. The buses have attendants on board. We were served ice cream and soft drinks during our journey. Along the route there were large clean bus stops for shopping and relaxing. From Bursa to Izmir we drove through small farms and mountains.

Bus Station

I'm glad someone in the group knew where we were going.

Izmir - A Beautiful Coastal City

Famous Clock Tower - Izmir

Kemeralti Bazaar - Izmir

The very important WC sign. Have your lira and tissue ready.

The shoe shine business is very big in Turkey. Note the elaborate shoe shine stands. Even folks with very casual shoes were having their shoes shined.

I had planned to include Ephesus in Chapter Two but I have decided to give the reader a break. Turkey Chapter Three coming soon!


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