Sunday, June 17, 2012

Turkey 2011 Chapter 3 Ephesus

For me one of the highlights of the trip to Turkey was the day spent in and around Ephesus. I love the beauty of the ruins. It is exciting to walk the same paths that ancient travelers walked. It is easy to imagine the bustle of the city as the residents went about their daily lives.

The Library at Ephesus

Nike Logo

It was a very hot day. So glad I brought a hat along.

As with any tourist attraction there is a Wally World atmosphere near the entrance. I loved the Genuine Fake Watches sign at this shop.

The scenery around Ephesus was dotted with small farms, orchards and rolling hills.

We also visited "The House of the Virgin Mary" located near Ephesus.

It is believed that Mary was brought here by John to live her final years.

Nearby we toured the Basilica of St. John

Isabey Mosque

We also visited a ceramics "factory".

The artists hard at work.

After the demonstration we visited the shop.

Next, in Chapter 4, I will take you to the modern city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

♥andPeace, Myra

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