Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creative Filters

At the end of my summer visit to Turkey my faithful Canon PowerShot SD 200 completely died. It had been banged on metal doors, stored unprotected in my purse and pocket and generally abused for years. It was my first digital camera and I loved the point and shoot ease and the small compact design.

I like the convenience of the small digital point and shoot cameras. My son suggested the Canon PowerShot S100. It has a great automatic setting as well as manual settings for more advanced options. It also has a little more zoom than my previous Canon.

Today I experimented with the Creative Filters.

 This pot is actually blue! How does it do that?
Look how it found the yellow chairs on the garage porch. 
Look at the little black outlines.

I really like this plant. It has been a performer this summer.

This is my favorite of the photographs from this afternoon.

This is interesting.

Succulents. These plants are becoming favorites of mine.
They are like very independent children.

I like the way it picked up just the color of the birdhouse in the fence.
We still have tomatoes in the garden.
I'm not sure how practical these settings are for my use. It was fun trying them out for future reference. I do rather like the one color setting.
♥andPeace, Myra

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