Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Garden

Cigar or firecracker plant beginning to show fall color.
The periwinkle is the only flower left in this container.
The extreme heat and drought made survival difficult for some of my annuals.
The petunias and rose moss are long gone but the begonias are still blooming.
Despite problems with "pests",  the mandevilla is still very pretty.
The begonias on the fence  have survived the drought and more recently the wind!
I'm beginning to think succulents are the way to go!
They are my independent children.
Last year I bought this oleander when it was marked down and wasn't blooming.
I didn't know what color it was. It never bloomed last summer.
It survived the winter in the garage and bloomed this year - beautiful white flowers!
We are still harvesting eggplant and bell pepper.
Jim has planted turnips and potatoes in this bed.
The mums had a visitor. He was very patient while I took his picture.
♥andPeace, Myra

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