Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Beauty

Winter is not my favorite season. As a matter of fact I would love to live in a climate where flowers bloom continuously and a light jacket would be comfortable at night in the "cool" season. That said, there is stark beauty during that cold, uncomfortable time of the year.

Here are some of my favorite winter photographs from the past.

Here is a scene from the front steps in our former neighborhood. We no longer live on this street.

(2006) The lane where my paternal grandparents lived. The house stood immediately to the right. My mother sold the property several years ago.
One of the barns that stood on my grandparents' farm. It has since been demolished by the current owner. This brings back sweet memories! I am thankful to have the photograph.
This stock pond was across the lane from my grandparents' house. My grandmother and I spent time fishing in this little pond. Many evenings we had fried bream for supper.
This wonderful tree stands on property that belonged to my great grandparents.
During the summer it is hardly noticeable but once all the leaves fall it really stands out in the landscape.
Another shot of the same magnificent tree.
Another stock pond in winter.
I took this photo from a train going from Denver to Salt Lake City.
From the train - Denver to Salt Lake City.
The Arch in St. Louis. It was sooooooo cold the day this picture was made!

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous and capture the winter chill beautifully. I like snow for Christmas but by January I'm getting the winter blues a bit and willing for an early spring! xo