Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meet Me In St. Louis

A friend recently spent the weekend in St. Louis.
It reminded me of a short conference trip I took to St. Louis with my husband in 2008.

It was BITTER cold but we braved the elements and visited The Arch.
There is an interesting museum located at The Arch.
My husband talked me into going up in The Arch.
The ride up was NOT my cup of tea, however, there was a good view of the city and I can mark it off my bucket list. (Not that it was ever really on the list!)

A visit to Union Station is a must.
The architecture and design is worth the trip. 

Beautiful stained glass at Union Station

We paid a visit to Anheiser-Bush for a tour.
Yes, there is tasting at the end of the tour.

The Clydesdales live a pampered life.

Product display

We attended a reception at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens.
The reception was in the evening so we really didn't see much of the gardens.

I did find a wonderful Chihuly! 

I spent one afternoon at the Saint Louis Art Museum.
 If there is a museum in town, you will find me there!

Lunch in the museum restaurant, Puck's Restaurant (as in Wolfgang Puck).
The food was wonderful and the restaurant overlooked the Sculpture Garden.

Look I found another Chihuly!

We were invited to see Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill.

Mr. Berry provided a fun night of entertainment.
Amazing performance for his age.
Yes, he sang My Dingaling.

His daughter was a singer in the band.

There is so much to see and do (and eat) in St. Louis.


P.S. Hopefully with the weather clearing and Spring just around the corner I'll be getting out with my camera for some "new" blog material.
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