Monday, April 22, 2013

Painting the Front Door

My front door faces West and catches the afternoon sun.
The paint had become dull and faded.
I perused the colors in the paint departments at hardware stores.
I brought home color cards.
I asked friends and family for their opinions.
After two years of contemplation I finally made a decision.
The new color is Tyler Taupe by Benjamin Moore. 

Here is my freshly painted door in Tyler Taupe.
The color is very similar, however, it is a much darker color and the shine makes the door appear much cleaner.
I think it works with the traditional style of the house, the red brick and the white surround.

My mother suggested a dark green.
She has visited a couple of times since I painted the door and hasn't even noticed. My husband didn't notice either.

This is a photo I took last year after I made and hung the wreath.
(Before, close-up)
I guess I'll leave the reds, greens, browns and oranges to the other homeowners in the neighborhood.
I planted the annual begonias yesterday.
I also moved the second planter to the landing.
Previously it had been at the bottom of the steps.
I welcome color suggestions. Let me know what you think.


  1. Your new color looks great! That's funny that your Mother and husband haven't noticed! I'm curious of black would look good on the rest of the trim and windows.

    1. Liz, black would look good with the door color. I've left the trim white because my garage door is white as well as some of the trim around the house. We also have a white and brick garage in the back. BTW Mom asked yesterday when I was going to paint the door. She was shocked when I told her I already had!

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  3. The color of the door is somewhat important. It adds characteristics and importance. I like mine in black for it looks so captivating and inviting, and not to mention, sophisticated.

  4. After two long years, congratulations on finally getting your door repainted! I have to agree with you that it complements the house's style really well. Even though it took a while to get to this point, it's better than picking a color and regretting it as soon as the paint dried. That said, have you ever considered a red door?
    -Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska

  5. Too bad your husband didn't notice that you repainted your front door. Well, it's really hard to notice especially when the color you chose was almost the same. I have to admit that I had a hard time noting the difference from the before and after photos from the start. But after some time, the combination of the red bricks to the door started to come out.

    -Willene Fagen @ RoofingandMoreINC