Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Container Gardening

 Finally! I think it is safe to plant annuals and bring out the containers that spent the winter in the garage.
I use lots of begonias in my containers.
They tolerate the heat and humidity and require less watering than most annuals. They provide lots of color until frost.
 Pretty wave petunias.
Just look at the details and the color.
I've found "wave" petunias much easier to grow than the old fashioned ones. They do usually show signs of stress before the summer ends.
 Purple verbena.
A nice compliment to the petunias.

 I love container gardening.
One of these wash pots belonged to my mother.
The other one was a Mother's Day gift from my husband and our youngest son when he was just a toddler.  They planted it with red and white petunias for me. I still have photos.
I have several pots of succulents.
They are very drought tolerant.
The mums are from last fall. I think I'll pinch them back and see if they will bloom again. The green foliage looks good in the blue pot.
 My white oleander is putting on new growth.
This is the third summer for this clearance purchase.
I didn't even know what color it was.
The first summer it didn't bloom.
Last year it had beautiful white blooms.
Signs of life for my cigar plant.
This is the fourth summer for this shrub.
I've repotted it twice .
It has been a really good performer, full of pretty red "cigars".
The hummingbirds love this plant.

Another "old" plant from the garage - my faithful mandevilla.
In no time at all this vine will be out of control and full of huge pink flowers.
Container gardening does require frequent watering.
I use mostly drought resistant plants in my containers.
During the driest, hottest months a saucer helps extend time between watering.
Stay tuned for a progress update!

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  1. Your plants look great and I agree with you about the Wave petunias. I had almost given up on petunias til I discovered them a few years ago. I really like the calibrachoa,(Million Bells) although they aren't as showy as the Wave ones. I love container gardening, too, and find some things do better in pots for me than in the ground. Have a great Sunday,