Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Butchart Gardens - Victoria, BC

Following a tour of downtown Victoria, lunch and shopping, the tour bus headed for The Butchart Gardens.

I was here about twenty years ago with my son, husband and mother. We took the ferry from Seattle on that occasion.

Every turn in the winding pathway provides a new landscape filled with color and texture.
I really like the colors of this simple rose in the rose garden.

 The bees were busy. They did not appreciate by photography efforts.

 At one point I was walking behind a very serious photographer with a very expensive camera. He had a spray bottle of water in hand. He was misting the flowers before taking his pictures. I snapped this one after he had gone on down the path.

More bee stalking on the peonies.

 Close-up of a beautiful peony.

 Interesting fluffy bloom. I have no idea what this plant is but I really like it.

 Another lovely landscape.

 Sweet bloom. Great color and almost 70ish in design.

 The famous stairway at The Butchart Gardens.

I'll call this one "pretty in pink".

Grand old trees along this walkway.
These ladies seemed to be enjoying their afternoon at the gardens.

Spring at The Butchart Gardens
The last day of our visit in Vancouver my husband and I toured the city and Stanley Park. I hope you will join me for that tour in pictures.

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