Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Garden 2013

Here, in my neck of the woods, the gardening season is winding down. It is time for a bit of cleaning up and getting ready for fall. The cucumber vines have been removed and my yellow squash vines are almost gone.

This spring my friend Kathleen hosted a luncheon and flower seed packets were part of the table decoration.

We were invited to take home the seed packets.
I chose Zinnias and decided to plant them in our vegetable garden.

I enjoy the happy colors every time I work in the garden.

Thank you Kathleen for your thoughtful gift.

I always plant a cherry tomato plant.
I can count on ripe tomatoes for a salad.
They bear from late spring until frost.

Last year our peppers did not produce any peppers!
This year, though late getting started, we have more than we can use.

The containers continue to add a little interest to my back yard.

I love my neighbor's white crape myrtles on the other side of the fence. The begonias are still blooming. My Annie Sloan duck egg blue bird house is still vacant but adds a little color.

It was my intention to keep these mums cut back in hope of fall blooms. They started putting on buds so early I left them alone and they are still blooming!

The old mandevilla is putting on a show again this year.

I had to replace some of the plants in my wash pots.
I put them out while it was still too cool and wet.


  1. My gardening season is winding down too. Gorgeous zinnias. I don't grow any veggies, not even tomatoes this year.

  2. Surely, you can grow both vegetables and flowery plants on your garden. By attending to each of their unique needs, you can be rewarded with such beautiful flowers and healthy produce to fill your plates. You're doing a very great job at gardening, Myra! I hope you keep to it and continue cultivating your little piece of paradise. :)
    Jeremy @ Flowers\' Gardens & Landscapes