Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cucumbers and Eggplant

With cooler temperatures and frequent rain this season our garden has taken on a life of its own. Yesterday I removed the cucumber vines. They were not producing very much and were drying up and really ugly.  I harvested the remaining cukes.

This morning I decided to try a refrigerator pickle recipe.

I don't can so I hope these will be good.
They are supposed to last in the refrigerator for three weeks.

The eggplant is just starting to produce.
Another new recipe - Eggplant Gratin.

I made it for lunch today.
I used the eggplants, ripe tomatoes and fresh basil from our garden.
Very nice dish, however, very labor intensive.
Speaking of tomatoes, here it is August and they are just starting to ripen. Spring was so wet and cool we had to replace most of our plants. Hopefully we will have our "bumper crop" this fall!


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