Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boyhood Home of Johnny Cash

Today was the grand opening of the Johnny Cash boyhood home, Dyess, Arkansas. My husband and I were in the area back in the spring and saw the outside of the house but it wasn't open for tours. Today was the grand opening so we were able to tour the inside.

The house is part of the Dyess Colony.
History of the Dyess Colony can be found on the internet for those interested.
We also visited the colony headquarters which is now a museum with lots of information about the colony as well as the most famous former resident, Johnny Cash.

A swing on the porch invitess you to sit a spell.

Dining room with old ice box.


Lots of old quilts on the beds. I love the old floor covering.

Arrangement on the piano

The Historic Dyess Colony/Boyhood Home of Johnny Cash is an Arkansas State University Heritage Site.

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