Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vienna - Waltzing on the Danube

Vienna, Austria  - Cafes, Coffee, Cathedrals, Concerts, Palaces and Gardens.

Clock front

The back of a clock we saw on our walking tour.
Can you tell the time?

Here I am at
St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's

Another view of St. Stephen's Cathedral with Jim.

Coffee in a Viennese cafe

Schoenbrunn Palace

We toured the Schoenbrunn Palace, home of the Hapsburg Dynasty.
The palace began in 1569 as a hunting lodge for Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II.
In 1775 Empress Maria Theresa added the neoclassical colonnade.

We enjoyed a guided tour of the palace.

Magnificent gardens surround the palace.
This is the rose arbor. 

One of the sweet roses in the rose garden.

Statues and fountains accented the formal gardens.

It is always nice to have another tourist offer to snap a photo.

Where new meets old.

Our time in Vienna ended with a Mozart and Strauss concert.


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