Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia

The next port on our Danube cruise was the Slovakian capital of Bratislava.

Bratislava Castle dominates the view from most points of the city.

Man at Work statue.
All the tourists were taking photos with this hardworking statue.

One of the squares in Bratislava on the walking tour.
The Old Town Hall is seen above.

More narrow cobblestone streets in the Old Town.

I like the color combination in this photograph.
Also note another view of the building in the picture above.

The Parliament building sits across from the castle.

The castle has been rebuilt and burned several times in its 1,000+ year history.
Some of the best views of the city are from the castle grounds. 

Bratislava Castle

The view, from the castle doorway seen in the photo above, looking down over the city.

View of the Danube 

Novy Most Bridge
Yes, there is a restaurant in the UFO. 
No, we didn't have an opportunity to eat there.

Examples of housing from the Soviet Union times.
We were told the bright colors were added after Soviet occupation ended.


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