Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Eating My Way Around Tuscany

The food in Tuscany is plentiful and very affordable. Whether eating on our own or the scheduled meals with the tour group,  Tuscan cuisine did not disappoint.

Lunch in Florence
(above and below)

Lunch in Florence at the Ristorante Boccadama

Seafood zuppa (soup)

My husbands dinner (on our own) in Montecatini Terme.
I regret that I did not make note or photograph all the wonderful restaurants we experienced while in Tuscany.

Bruschetta three ways

One of our group dinners in Montecatini Terme.

This was a lovely restaurant within walking distance of our hotel.
There were multiple courses and I didn't photograph all the offerings.

We had a "fixed" menu with several choices for the main course.
I was the only one who chose the tuna and onion pizza!
It was delicious. 

Hubby chose the roast chicken with potatoes.

Of course there was a pasta course.
I did not snap a picture of all the wonderful offerings in this great restaurant. 

My dessert 

Our breakfast was included every morning at our hotel.
You can't beat "hot dogs" (sausages) and chocolate cake (special of the day) to get the day started!

This was one of my favorite dishes.
Seafood in a tempura like batter.
Octopus, anchovies, shrimp and calamari!

Hubby's stuffed clams.
Restaurant below

Nameless restaurant in the quaint little coastal town on a cold, rainy, windy day.

Another evening on our own - Delicious pizza and wine.
Unbelievable how inexpensive quality food and wine is in this area.

This is the meal our group was served while visiting the cheese farm.
Most of the dishes contained cheese.

I heard several of our group comment that this was their favorite meal.
It was nice to have it served family style in this peaceful beautiful area of Tuscany.

Cheese making tour and restaurant in the above building.

Finally, the Tuscan cooking class at Santa Caterina Restaurant.
On arrival the tables were set up with the ingredients for the cooking class.

The tables were ready for enjoying our efforts.

Here I am peeling garlic and others are chopping carrots and tomatoes and preparing the bread.

All the dishes were created with simple, fresh ingredients.

The wine flowed freely during the preparation of our meal.
Even the most reluctant chefs joined in the fun!

Fresh pasta (maccheroni).

Here our tour manager is addressing the cooking instructors.

Trussing the pork loin.
No way I could ever do this on my own!

And the finale - tiramisu. 

Now for the meal!
The bruschetta. 

Pasta two ways - with vegetable sauce (above)
and wild boar sauce (below.

Loin of Pork with fresh fennel


I really had a good time at the cooking class. There was a lot of interaction with others in the group.
It was a great way to bring the group together and the food was wonderful.

Nice scene near the restaurant.

Gelato - Frozen happiness

Here we were treated to another magnificent dinner with entertainment.
The restaurant was high on a mountain with views of Montecatini Terme below.

The chef is hard at work preparing our dinner. 

Dinner at the Villa.

Three tiered first course.

Fresh rustic pasta to be used in the dish below.

Next several dishes were served family style (below)

Tiramisu with after dinner wine

Our farewell dinner was also in a restaurant high above Montecatini Terre.
The meal was over the top!
I should have paced myself a little better as the food just kept coming.
To begin there was antipasto followed by soup or salad.

Next the pasta course.

More, more, more

There was more - but I think you can get the idea.

Oh, this must be the name of the restaurant!

There was a drink accompanying most of the courses.
We ended with the limoncello.

Now for the beverages...
Miscellaneous drinks during the tour.

Wine tasting a must for any tour of Tuscany!

Our table after the cooking class!

Thank you for joining me for a tour of Tuscany.
I can't wait to share another adventure with you.



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