Saturday, June 3, 2017

San Gimignano and Pecorino Cheese

Driving through the hills of Tuscany I was reminded of several movies filmed in this part of Italy. Breathtaking views all along the winding, twisting, climbing hills of Tuscany. Unfortunately capturing the scenery from a moving motor coach was difficult.

First stop cheese.

We visited a cheese farm and watched the making of pecorino cheese.

The property afforded great views of the surrounding hills.

Happy sheep make delicious cheese!

Sheep in the olive grove. 

We had lunch at the cheese farm with dishes made from fresh produce and cheese.
More about that on my "food" post later.
In addition to the cheese production there is also a bed and breakfast and restaurant on the site.
(Borgo di Mazzolla and La Pecora Nera)

From the cheese farm we headed through more scenic areas including vineyards and hilltop villas.

Our destination, San Gimignano, a medieval hilltop town known for the fourteen towers.

The view approaching the town.

Pottery, leather, meat, art and wine available in the shops.
(as well as gelato)

Everything seems to be uphill in Tuscany!
See the tower at the end of the street?

More passageways and narrow streets.

One of the famous towers of San Gimignano.

Today was our last tour day in Tuscany.
One more Tuscan feast tonight and traveling home tomorrow.


(Next post - the cuisine of Tuscany)

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