Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cologne - Gothic Cathedral and Rococo Castle

June 23, 2017

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, construction on Cologne's Gothic cathedral was begun in 1248. Work continued in stages for seven centuries with completion in 1880.

Our day began with a walking tour of Cologne. Here are a few highlights of the cathedral and city.

Detail of cathedral entrance.

Stained glass in the cathedral.

From this photo (above) you can imagine how enormous the cathedral really is!
Below, you can see how small people appear compared to the cathedral.

Side view

I love this sweet little fountain in front of the cathedral.

Wonderful old Cadillac waiting for the bride and groom to finish their vows.

Walking around the old city

Following another spectacular lunch onboard our ship, we boarded the motor coach for Augustusburg Palace. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the estate was built for the prince-archbishops of Cologne.

Lovely rococo design.
Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside.
Believe me it was "over the top"!

Wonderful checkerboard cobblestones paving the drive.

The view of the gardens from a second floor bedroom.

Augustusburg hunting lodge was built from 1568 to 1572.
It is located within walking distance of the palace.

There are beautiful old trees around the grounds.

This small chapel is located near the hunting lodge.

A river view in Cologne

Following dinner we waited for the cathedral to be lighted and left for Koblenz.

The next day we toured Marksburg Castle (a real highlight of the trip).


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