Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Marksburg Castle and Cruising the Middle Rhine

Marksburg Castle is the only castle in the Rhine Valley never to have been destroyed. The 13th century castle overlooks the town of Braubach.

This fairy tale castle stands proudly, high above Braubach, keeping watch on the Rhine River.

Up a steep, ancient, cobblestone pathway is the castle entrance.
You may notice the doorway has been altered keeping up with the times when horses were no longer entering the castle.

Just inside the doorway, on the very uneven and difficult terrain, our tour guide gives an introduction to the castle history, 

Getting about the castle was difficult but definitely worth the effort.
Fascinating tour.

A view of the Rhine from the castle

The wine cellar.
From start to finish, winemaking was an important part of castle living.

Kitchen utensils

The master bathroom.
With no septic tank or sewer system the toilet operation was pretty simple!

Wonderful old wooden doors throughout the castle.

The hardware is amazing!
Just look at the details.
Of course there was a blacksmith in the castle.

Glad the tour buses took us (almost) to the top of the hill.

Back to the ship for lunch and an afternoon of cruising the middle Rhine.
I spent most of the afternoon in the lounge and on the sun deck enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Castles and pristine villages along this section of the Rhine.


Castles and Vineyards!

                                  A demonstration making Rudesheimer Kaffee in the lounge.
                                    It is a brandy coffee drink served in these pretty cups.


Next post - a traditional dinner in Rudesheim.


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