Saturday, September 22, 2012

East Hamilton Avenue Historic District

Recently Rachel Silva with the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program conducted a tour of the East Hamilton Avenue Historic District in Wynne, Arkansas.

There are 63 properties in the district.
The East Hamilton Avenue Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. Thanks goes out to The Department of Arkansas Heritage and especially to Rachel Silva for the wonderful morning tour and for sharing her notes with me.
Giboney-Robertson-Stewart House - about 1895
Two Story Queen Anne
The J.C. Hilliard House - 1929
Moore-Stacy House - 1905
Colonial Revival
Herman and Clara Block House - 1912
American Foursquare with Craftsman-Style Details
We took a short water break here with a tour of the home.
A few umbrellas came out as we toured Eldridge Court.
The temperature was comfortable we never really got wet.
W. H. Heitt House - 1940
One of the homes on Eldridge Court - English Revival
The Thompson and Kathleen Murray House - 1938
Colonial Revival Style
We were invited into this home for a tour.
William Whitfield"Whit" Shaver House - 1924
Colonial Revival
James L. "Bex" Shaver  House - 1924
American Foursquare
H.K. Barwick House - 1921
Spanish Revival
Rachel gave a brief history of most of the homes and the occupants over the years. She shared stories she heard while doing interviews. A brother and sister who grew up in one of the homes during the 40's was in the group and shared stories from their childhood in the neighborhood.
I photographed most of the homes on the tour. I selected several of my favorites for this post.
I used Rachel's notes for reference and if I made any errors I apologize.

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