Thursday, December 3, 2015

Walking the Streets in New Orleans

Part 2 of our vacation in New Orleans.

We had plenty of free time in the French Quarter to explore, people watch, eat and shop.

Many of the old streets in the Quarter have tile street signs in the sidewalks.

I learned that this building has a gallery not to be confused with a balcony.
The gallery protrudes out over the sidewalk and is supported by posts.
A balcony is a small platform without support from below.

Pretty windows

Lovely old door.
Would you ring the bell?

These apartments have probably seen better days.
But, location, location, location.

The dog on the right revolved with different color dogs all around.

Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedral

Just across from Jackson Square and across the railroad tracks is the Mississippi River.

Buildings adjacent to Jackson Square across from the French Market.
Great colors.

Beautiful wrought iron work on the galleries of this building.


Fun window shopping.
More of New Orleans to come.

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